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Eisenhower Matrix in Microsoft Outlook

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Visual Eisenhower Matrix helps you prioritize your tasks and make your strategy work for you in one of the most efficient ways. The principal of Urgent/Important classification for activities is aimed at focusing on what will move you forward closer to your goals. Thus, what is preventing you from reaching your aims is set apart. This time management strategy has a lot to do with GTD. TaskCracker for Outlook add-in enables you to sort your Outlook tasks visually, organize your priorities and cope with tough deadlines.

When it comes to your work activity, everything is urgent. Do just important. Why? Because some of urgent activities are not moving you forward, they are just wasting your time even though they seem to demand your attention. So learn to say no. Visual Urgent/Important matrix reveals what is truly urgent and important and what just pretends to be it.

Eisenhower Matrix in Microsoft OutlookRight now you have a list of tasks in your Outlook. Which ones are truly important? Looking at your tasks organized in the form of a to-do list won’t help you much to figure it out. TaskCracker is another view for your tasks in a form of Eisenhower Matrix which enables you to move your tasks around with Drag and Drop. This way, you can see a map of your weekly activity, visually and better organize your time. Here is how it looks:

Your Outlook Tasks have a lot of features that help you organize, prioritize and sort your tasks. What it doesn’t have is a built-in visual Urgent/Important matrix. When you install TaskCracker, you instantly have access to this feature and you can start organizing your tasks visually. This view shows you all your week activity at a glance with priorities. When dealing with a to-do list, it takes you more time to figure out where you’ll come by the end of the week. Haven’t you forgotten to put something really important on the list? What activities you’ve put on your today’s agenda are simply time wasting and can be set for later time? The TaskCracker view gives you answers to those questions right away.

The first 30 days you use TaskCracker it’s free, and fully-functional. You can upgrade to the licensed version of this Outlook task productivity software at any time and enjoy its positive impact on your time management all your life for as little as $39.95. Just think of it, you’re just one step away from being the most productive one on your team. Become the employee of the month with TaskCracker visual Urgent/Important matrix!


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