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TOP 5 Outlook Tools

Posted by on May 18, 2014 in Outlook Productivity Blog | No Comments

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Even though Microsoft product range is constantly updated, 3rd party software developers still find and produce many Outlook tools to upgrade one of the most used corporate solutions.

It is surely hard to pick up the list of top 5 Outlook tools but we still made a try based on the functionality and the add-in simplicity.

Depending on what you want your Outlook to be able to do, you can use one of those add-ins or all of them together.

How to manage your tasks visually in Outlook

We place TaskCracker on top of the list not only because this is the solution we promote in our blog. GTD productivity features for Outlook has become a vital trend over the past several years and TaskCracker is one of the youngest solutions in the field.

For the software industry it only means that the tool is based on the latest technology requirements, works in a quick and invisible way inside your Outlook and grants you with the rather productive possibility to manage your tasks on a visual board without leaving your Outlook.

How to Extract and Backup Outlook Emails

What if you move with your Outlook data to another device, need to protect your data from loss and ensure you can always have access to the important emails?

The problem can be solved with the cloud-based MS Azure Back-up, yet corporate Cloud is another line on the budget. The simple MessageSave tool helps you out in this business. The short video tutorial we found lacks sound but not the sense.

How not to send your attachement to a 3rd party?

Has it ever happened to you that you got tired by the end of the day and hit ‘send’ and the emails went to the wrong address, along with important attachments? Isn’t it a nightmare?

Easishare proudly claims to be able to watch on who sends what to whom, as they say it in their promotional video. This Outlook tool may save a lot of nerves, especially on busy days when you have lots of papers to work on and lots of emails to send.

How to never forget to attach the file

It’s nice when you hit the ‘send’ button and the email solution kindly reminds you that you wanted to attach the file to it. The reasonable machine judgment is made from the word ‘attach’ or its derivative that you have used in the email.

We already enjoy this feature in web-based email clients and you can set a reminder in Outlook 2013 as well. For all other Outlook versions you have a useful tool from CodeTwo.

Outlook tool to Encrypt Messages

CryptWit add-in provides a simple tool to encrypt your Outlook messages. In this case, even if you send your message to the wrong address by mistake or get your message somehow intercepted between the two corporate firewalls, it can only be read if the recipient uses the same software and the password that you do.

If not, the 3rd person who occasionally or purposely gets your email will be either unable to read it or will have a rather hard time trying to decrypt the code.

Which Outlook tool do you pick from the list? Do you already use any other kind of Outlook tools that extend the solution functionality and provide you with more features comparing to the custom MS Outlook? Do share it via G+ and twitter with the #TaskCracker hashtag, we encourage you to participate in the discussion.


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