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Top 5 Tools for Outlook Tasks productivity

Posted by on Mar 20, 2015 in Outlook Productivity Blog | No Comments

When you use Outlook for work, you’ve probably made this choice due to corporate policies. Meanwhile you can power up your Outlook tasks with simple productivity add-ins that provide you with additional functionality to boost your productivity.

  1. TaskCracker

This nice little addin is made to help you apply Urgent-Important matrix, GTD and other latest productivity and task management techniques to your usual Outlook tasks. Its visual environment makes it possible to prioritize tasks with compliance to those task management methods with simple drag and drop.

  1. TaskLine

Although positioned as a project management tool for Outlook, it is a personal productivity tool that automatically picks up tasks from your list and scatters them over your spare time in calendar thus pushing you to start working on certain tasks.


  1. MissingLink

The application is made to transform your Outlook into a contextual hub to unite your email, contacts and conversation. This has fewer to do with task productivity itself but it can help in case you fail to use zero inbox technique and desperately need to do something with your email overflow.


  1. ToDoist

An extension for Outlook that makes it possible to work on tasks when your computer is offline and synchronize the solution with other devices.


  1. CodeTwo

The website provides a number of plug-ins that add some features to your Outlook for more comfortable work, like attachment reminder or a kind of simple workflow for Outlook tasks.


When you use any of those solutions, don’t forget that your Outlook task productivity can rise if you use productivity rising and task management techniques such as GTD and Urgent-Important matrix.


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